About AIOT

Lighting can change our environment. It can also change the way we feel about our environment. 

At AIOT, we bring together a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design with an understanding of the complex technical requirements.

An award-winning Lighting design and Architectural technology firm fueled by creative ideas and rich culture of innovation and collaboration with offices located in Egypt.

We bridge the gap between environmental needs & Lighting technology. Independent of all manufacturers, our sole focus is on achieving the most creative lighting solutions for our clients in terms of aesthetics, function, flexibility, maintenance, and cost.

Our Team is from different backgrounds, including architectural, theatrical, product, and environmental design as well as electrical & Biomedical engineering.

AIOT is a main distributor for the biggest international manufacturers for automation system and lighting fixtures providing you with enjoyable life using high-quality standards to give you Luxury, Comfort, and Safety.

And from these Premises the story of AIOT had started.

AIOT achieves the highest level of technical performance and efficiency by controlling lighting, electrical, and mechanical elements through interactive systems and managing them from one Smart Automated Interconnected device that allows you to monitor and control all of your skilled systems with one touch from anywhere, at any time.

We are experienced engineers who use our expertise and understanding of the most recent industry innovations to create an innovative solution to your projects.

AIOT provides Lighting design, Equipment & Control systems which mean complete lighting solution from very high-end brands & factories Multi origin Product as per the project design needs and take into consideration all the project details as turnkey, study, design & installation.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is shown through some of the services and products we offer:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting design and application consultations
  • latest innovations in lighting technologies
  • Energy audits and systems upgrade to reduce energy consumption

We use our experience and knowledge of the latest industry Innovations to develop a creative solution to your lighting problems.

Founding Partners

Eng. Ayman Nabil

Managing Director
Eng. Ayman is an Innovator and entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. Visionary product developer with deep education in research and analytics. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals

Dr. Ahmed Ali Hassan

Head Of Design
Dr. Ahmed is an educator, architect, and lighting designer who graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology-USA. Hassan is an Assistant Professor in the Architectural Engineering Department, Helwan University-Egypt. He has been practicing architecture and lighting design for almost 16 years in Chicago-USA, Cairo-Egypt, and Leeds-UK. He is the founding partner of AIOT Egypt-UAE-UK. He is a former Director of Design, BIM, and Sustainability at Progressive Architects-Egypt and a former Architect and Façade consultant at the world-renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture-USA. Throughout his career, Hassan received several prestigious awards and honors, including Fulbright, ARCC King Medal for excellence in Architectural + Environmental Design, IALD-Schultz award, the Egyptian syndicate of Engineers certificate of Excellence

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