Air Disinfection

Upper air luminaires ceiling mounted

For continuous disinfection, while people are present in the room.

UV-C upper air luminaires disinfect continuously.
Air flows to the upper layers of air in a room by means of natural convection. Once it has been disinfected by the fixtures, it flows back down and mixes with lower air layers in the dressing room.

  • Optimized for low ceiling heights with a minimum of 2.5 meters
  • Deactivates tested pathogens
  • Safety in mind
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The UV-C rays are distributed at device level and above, allowing quiet disinfection of a large volume of air in the upper areas of a room while business activity continues underneath the device’s level. Philips PL-S TUV lamp included: 4×9 W.

The safety reflectors and louvre design of Philips UV-C disinfecting upper air luminaires prevents exposure to the UV-C light source. That means they can be used while people are in the room.


Upper air luminaires wall mounted

For continuous disinfection, while people are present in the room.


  • The device contains one or several UV-C lamps and electronic ballast

  • The UV-C beam is shaped by a reflector, with or without louvres

  • Louvres allow for a beam shape as horizontal as possible, which avoids reflection on the ceiling. These configurations are used for low ceiling height, as for example offices, standard rooms, etc.

  • Versions without louvre are usually used when there is a wide space to cover between the ceiling and the device, as for example warehouses

  • In both cases, care should be taken to limit the maximum irradiance to 0.2μW/cm2 at the level where people are present. This can be simulated and/or measured on site to ensure maximum safety.


Our design team calculates the required time and dose for disinfection.

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    How many people occupy the space?
    Is there any natural ventilation?
    Is there any mechanical ventilation? ( fans …etc. )
    Is There HVAC?
    Is there any ceiling obstruction? ( e.g. adverts or decorations )
    Is there anything on the ceiling that might cause a direct UVC reflection?
    Mounting options?