Potable Solutions

UV-C Trolley

Ideal for small rooms.

The UV-C trolley disinfects surfaces that are directly exposed to the UV-C light, emitted by the UV-C lamps fitted in the UV-C trolley. The trolley must not be used in the presence of any persons or animals.


Disinfection time 20m2 square area or 36m2 circular area within 30 minutes for one arm trolley, or 15 minutes for two-arm trolley2.

During set up and usage, additional safeguard controls are included:

  • A timer to plan disinfection for a predefined period
  • Remote Control
  • Voice Alarm.

Additional containment safeguards (such as user manual and mounting instruction) should be deployed together with the UV-C trolley in order to ensure that no people or animals are exposed to the UV-C rays.

UV-C disinfection desk lamp

The Philips UV-C disinfection desk lamp can effectively deactivate viruses, bacteria, molds and spores, in a matter of minutes. Built-in sensors and timers provide an added layer of protection for you and your family.

  • Simple to Use

    The Philips UV-C desk lamp is easy to use. With a concise control panel and step-by-step voice guide to help you use it in the most effective way.


  • Fast disinfection

    With the Philips UV-C desk lamp you can disinfect surfaces and objects in any room in a matter of minutes.

  • Motion Sensor

    Because exposure to UV-C can harm eyes and skin, Philips UV-C lights have an added layer of protection with built- in sensors that detect people and pets.

  • Dedicated driver design

    Besides the high quality of the Philips UV-C tube, the dedicated driver design helps maximize the disinfection effectiveness.

UV-C disinfection air unit

The Philips UV-C disinfection air unit is a powerful and effective way to disinfect circulating air. It draws air into the unit where UV-C radiation inactivates up to 90% of micro-organisms in 80m3 within just 2 hours (circular coverage 28m2). With no need for mounting, the free- standing unit can be wheeled into place in a wide range of professional applications, from offices and retail to hospitality. The aesthetic design delivers well-controlled UV-C radiation (RG0) and can also be used when people are present.


  • Achieves 90% air disinfection in 80m3 in 2 hours1.
  • Circular coverage of 28m2.
  • Reliable and strong UV-C irradiance inner chamber.
  • No fixed installation or mounting required and replaceable in the room.
  • User-friendly interface with clear display and range of flexible options.


  • Home
  • Office
  • School
  • Banking
  • Hospitality

UV-C chambers

For shared and staff devices.

Ultraviolet (UV-C) sterilization kills viruses and other pathogens by destroying the bacteria’s ability to multiply and spread disease.

The UVC chamber will be available in three variants small, medium, large.

  • Small            UVCC 100 with a height of 450mm (66-liters).
  • Medium       UVCC 200 with a height of 600mm (112-liters).
  • Large            UVCC 300 with a height of 1700 (323 liters).

All the chamber variants are designed for precision to get UV-C exposure from all sides. 4-log disinfection with precise time guidelines ensuring optimized 99.99% disinfection and avoid over-exposure to the object. The chamber optimizes the effectiveness of Philips UV-C lamp (253.7nm).

An effective and safe UV-C chamber for versatile objects. Its application areas are all professional indoor applications for bacteria & virus disinfection.


Disinfection time from 3 min up to 10 min depending on how many objects are inside


  • 4-log disinfection
  • 360-degree UV-C ray coverage


  • Can disinfect objects in a matter of time, minutes to eliminate 99.99% bacteria and viruses with 4-log disinfection (400 J/m2 )

Environment friendly

  • Chemical-free disinfection, No residuals on the object surface
  • No collateral damage to the environment of use
  • Ozone free (Ozone is a poisonous gas; it creates irritation, and especially people with raspatory problems such as asthma should not be exposed)


  • Direct exposure of UV-C is dangerous to living beings, the chamber only starts when the door is securely closed, and the disinfection cycle is activated
  • Auto power off when the chamber is open, ensuring no UV-C exposure to the user


  • Stainless-Steel chamber
  • Sturdy trays to support heavy items up to 6Kgs
  • Easy to use, one-touch operation