Surface Disinfection

UV-C battens with sensors

Fixed installation of UV-C luminaries with a control system.

Our design team calculates the required time and dose for disinfection.


  • Partially open equipment safeguard Linear UV-C disinfection luminaire.
  • 5M range microwave sensor with startup delay function for improved safety.
  • Reflector & parabolic lamellas to limit UV – C irradiance in line with sensor
  • detection area to improve safety.
  • Flashing during disinfection cycle to provide visual warning.
  • UVC Philips UVC lamp (253.7nm) , no Ozone.

UV-C battens without sensors

The responsibility to switch the UV-C lighting ON lies with an authorized operator.

The control system implements a safety net to prevent usage with people present.


Required devices to implement a safe system operation are:

  • Authorized Activation Panel

    • Luminaire on/off control

    • Safety checks

    • Status feedback

  • Presence sensor: Independent mount

  • Door sensor

  • Emergency kill switch

  • Activation warning (light or sound)

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